Blind Spots

Therefore I intend always to remind you of these qualities, though you know them and are established in the truth that you have. 2 Peter 1:12

We all have blind spots. There are things about ourselves that we can’t see but others do. That’s why it’s so important to have a community of Believers in recovery that can encourage us while, at the same time, pointing out our blind spots to us.

Most of us don’t like admitting that we have blind spots. We like to think that we are in total control of everything we do and our thinking. There are two major problems with thinking that we are in total control of ourselves and that we are always fully aware of everything we do. The first is that, as humans, we are to complex too always be fully aware of every one of our motives and how we react to situations. The second reason is that if we were fully aware and had no blind spots, we would be extremely shallow people.

Each of us needs people in our lives that are good at helping us identify our blind spots. Being in a community of insightful and aware people is vital to our recoveries. Developing the skill to identify our blind spots can only happen in a community of others who have worked to acquire this skill. Having people in our lives that can see our blind spots is a huge gift from God. Healing happens in our recovery communities as we begin the process of identifying our blind spots.

Written by Jackell

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Blind Spots

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Father God, thank You for putting people in my life that will point out things in me that I am blind to. I know that I cannot be separate from others because I can’t see all that is going on in me. I need to be in a healthy, insightful community of Believers. I know that You love me exactly as I am but also You love me too much to allow me to stay where I am. Thank You for this awesome opportunity to grow and mature. Amen.

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