Character Defects

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

We don’t understand brokenness because we don’t understand the character of God. What if our Character Defects were nothing more than spiritual gifts that have been misused? Our compulsion to drink alcohol, use drugs, or act out with gambling and sex are misplaced attempts to compulsively seek and find Christ. When we realign our destructive behaviors and use the same obsessive behaviors we used to slowly kill ourselves, we begin to experience sanity and freedom.

God gave us amazing gifts that, when used properly, can move mountains. These gifts can bring about change in ourselves, our families, and our communities. However, when we misuse these gifts, we face consequences such as self-destructive behaviors, loss of family and friends, and poor judgment skills in all our decisions.

God gives us these gifts and He also gives us free will free will to decide how we are going to use the gifts. God doesn’t give us something and then say we can’t use our free will with it. God allows us to have choices. Having the power to choose is what love is all about. We get to decide if we are going to live in God’s will or try to do this life on our own. Each way we decide to use God’s gifts comes with consequences. The consequences of using our gifts to glorify God are freedom and peace. The consequences of using His gifts for our own selfishness are enslavement and death. Recovery allows us to redirect our character defects into the purpose they were originally given.

Written by Jackell.

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Character Defects

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Father God, Thank You for the gifts you have given me. In the past, I have misused Your gifts. Today I will use every gift You give me to bring glory to You. Thank You for the gift of free will. May I always use Your gift of Free Will to love and honor You. Amen.

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