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“Jesus said to him, “The one who has bathed does not need to wash, except for his feet, but is completely clean.” 

John 13:10

We are completely clean. Sometimes we’ll refer to abstaining from drugs, alcohol, sexually acting out, gambling, or other compulsive behaviors as being clean. In Christ, we are already completely clean. When we give our lives to Christ, we receive a spiritual cleansing. All the filth that has been clinging to us has washed away. Christ has cleansed our souls, and we are clean.

Abstinence is not the same as being clean in recovery. To abstain from a compulsive behavior does not mean that we are on the road to recovery. In recovery, our lives have to be in the process of transformation. If we are only abstaining, then we are not allowing Christ to do His work of healing in us. The possibility of long-term, quality, life-altering change it is difficult to achieve without support and accountability from a community of Believers in recovery.

Christ makes us clean and sets us on the road to recovery, but He doesn’t just leave us to fend for ourselves. He gives us a road map with a purpose and a plan. This plan involves changes in how we look at, and respond to, this life that Christ has given us. Christ made us clean spirits and He has set us on our paths of sanctification, called recovery.

Written by Jackell

Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, thank You for making me clean. I will glorify you with my recovery and each day I will yield myself to You to do with me as You please. Thank You for giving me a way to not just abstain but to experience recovery. Amen.

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