Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Each of us at times gets distracted. We take our focus off of our relationship with Christ and with our recoveries. We see something shiny and we gravitate towards it. Our attention is now on our new object of affection and we slowly slide away from what’s important.

Being distracted from our recoveries in Christ is often a slow, gradual descent into darkness. It’s not the day to day problems, or even crisis that happen, in our lives that take us away. It’s the distractions that slowly wear away at our focus on our relationship with Christ. It’s that new relationship, often referred to in recovery as a “relationslip”, that takes our focus away from recovery and taking care of ourselves. We get distracted by others and their brokenness. We allow people to live “rent free in our heads.” We get distracted by the world and slowly get pulled away from the light.

Christ always makes a way back to Him from our distractions. In recovery, we have to have a relapse prevention plan and be aware that the enemy is constantly on the prowl for those who wander away from their safe zones. We have to remember that Christ brought us to recovery for a reason. When we get distracted away from His purpose for us, we become an easy target and our recoveries are at risk. Recovery in Christ is learning how to live a disciplined life and keeping our eyes focused on Him.

Written by Jackell

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Father God, keep me focused on You. There are too many worldly things competing for my attention. Keep me from being distracted by the influences of this world so that I may always be guided by You. Amen.

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