God In The Exact

Then the father realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” So he and his whole household believed. John 4:53

God exists in the exact. When we tell someone the exact nature of our wrongs, we are entering God’s time and space. It’s in the exact that we find that God was always present. In the depths of our despair, He was there, exactly in that moment and exactly in that place. When we disclose our past, we find God in the very moments we felt lost and abandoned. God was always with us, not lost, not nearby, but with us. He was exactly where we experienced the most pain and felt the most distant from Him.

Exact is defined as being precise, as opposed to approximate God works in the exact. When we confess the exact nature of our wrongs, we are actually revealing moments of God’s exactness in our lives.

God is exactly right here and right now with all of us. God is not close or nearby. He is exactly here and now with each of us.

Written by James Miller


Father God, thank you for being here, right now in this moment. Thank you for being in every moment. I know you will be in every exact moment of my life. Help to to be open and honest about the exact nature of all my wrongs. Thank you for forgiving me for all my sins. Amen.

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