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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

Every now and then, we all get emails talking about karma, how we should forward it in order to receive something good. The email states that if we forward it, we will receive good karma, and if we don’t, something bad will happen to us. Often times, the senders of these emails proclaim to be Christians.

The truth is karma is not of Christ. In fact, Christ taught about Grace, which is the opposite of karma. Christ never said to anyone who came to Him for healing, “Sorry buddy, looks like you got what you deserved. Can’t heal you.” Christ, in fact, did the opposite of what the world believed at that time and what the world still believes. Christ gave undeserved Grace to those who came to Him and asked for healing.

Grace is given freely. Karma is earned. Grace is undeserved. Karma says we have to work under our own power to get what is owed us. Grace is freedom, everlasting life, and wonderful salvation. Karma keeps us enslaved in a never-ending cycle of working towards what can never be obtained.

There are two questions we should ask ourselves. Do we want to live under Grace or under Karma? Do we really want to follow Christ and be free, or do we want to be enslaved by sin? When we choose to live under karma, we are choosing to be enslaved by sin. Karma demands more work and keeps us sick with the belief that we have some sort of power outside of Jesus to change ourselves. Christ is offering a way out of the sickness of karma. We are meant to be a free people because Christ has paid the price for our freedom. There is nothing more we need to do receive freedom when we are living under grace. Grace wins every time, over karma.

Written by Jackell.

Written by Jackell

Today’s Prayer

Jesus, Thank you for giving me underserved grace. Thank you that I am not under the yoke of karma. You have freed me from the bondage of working for atonement. Your grace covers all the sins of my past, present, and future. You did the work of redemption on the cross. You did it all. There is nothing more I can do to work towards forgiveness. Jesus, I am so grateful for your grace and that I am not under the worldly yoke of karma. Amen.

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