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You do not have, because you do not ask.

James 4:2

There’s this wonderful new connection happening right now between authors and social media. An author writes a book, then the book is sold at an online store such as Amazon. After creating a fan page on Facebook, the author begins a cyclical promotion strategy. The fan page is promoted in the written books, and the books are promoted on the fan page. Thus, the author builds up a huge fan base from both perspectives. Having the fan page allows all the writers to engage with their books’ audiences, giving them the opportunity to get to know these readers on more personal levels. Never before have authors and readers had such close relationships. Except, in the case of the Bible, God, and us.

God doesn’t need a fan page. Although, there is an actual page on Facebook called God, and it has over a million likes. God, who is the author of the Bible, as well as everything in creation, has an intimate relationship with each of us. We are close friends with the Creator and Author of everything. Each time we read His Word, we learn more about who God is and what He has in store for our lives.

God is guiding us by His Light. There are times when it’s difficult to see where God is guiding us. Our vision does not allow us to see what lies ahead. But God knows the direction and path He is leading us towards. When we are confused about our journeys, we open our roadmaps, our Bibles, and get clearer pictures of where God is taking us. We don’t just have the guidebook; we also have the author speaking directly to us.

Written by Jackell.

Today’s Prayer

Father God, we are guided by Your Light. Shine a light so we can see the path You have placed before us. Help us to understand the direction You have for us and to know that Your path for us is the exact one for each of us. We pray for guidance as we read Your Word and seek to be ever closer to You. Amen.

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