In His Presence

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In His Presence

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You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

In the presence of Christ, all our addictions are silenced. It is impossible for us to hear the screams and torments or addictions and compulsivity when Christ is with us. He drowns them out and stills our minds so that we hear only His voice. While storms rage and everything is in chaos around us, inside of us we are being changed. No matter what is happening around us, Christ is changing us from the inside out.

Each time we enter into His presence, we are changed. Nothing is the same as it was before coming into the presence of Christ. Our lives are being turned upside down and sideways. This is what Christ does. He changes our perception of reality. What we once held as fact, we now see as a fantasy played out in our minds.

Christ brings us into what is true and real. The life we knew before recovery in Christ was a pale comparison to the vibrant life we have today with Him. As we spend time with Christ, we are being changed. Each moment united with Christ moves us further away from the old self and propels us forward into a new state of being. When we spend time with Christ. we get to walk away from Him as a different person. There’s no way to spend time with Christ and not be changed.

Written by Jackell


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┬áToday’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, I want to always be in Your presence. When I’m with You, all the storms are calmed. I hear only Your voice that soothes me. When I’m At Your feet, I understand my purpose and know that You are the giver of everything good and right. In Your presence, I am at peace. Amen.

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