Because of my integrity, you uphold me and set me in your presence forever. Psalm 41:12

There’s a saying in recovery, “our walk has to match our talk.” We learn in recovery that we can’t say one thing and do something different. It goes even deeper than that. We also can’t pretend to agree with something, only to flip-flop later and disagree. Sometimes, there are acceptable reasons for changing our minds. One would be if we received new or additional information, thus making our original determination incomplete. Another reason would be, if we didn’t pray before forming our decision, God might let us know that we need to alter our conclusion.

Integrity means keeping our word that we will do something. We shouldn’t knowingly commit to something we have no intention of doing. We tell people up front that we can or cannot do what they are asking of us. We move past being people pleasers and attempting to control what others are feeling. In recovery, we stop leading people on and learn how to be direct in all situations.

We do what we say and we say what we do. We don’t take our integrity for granted. In Scripture, Christ never told His followers to behave one way while He acted differently. He always gave direct answers and often told parables to demonstrate His answer. Christ also always followed through with whatever He said He would do In recovery, we continually strive towards having the integrity of Christ.

Written by Jackell

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Father God, may I always walk in the footsteps of Christ who always did what He said He would do. Help me to have integrity in every interaction I have with others. I want to be bold and not succumb to the desire to say to others what I think they would want to hear. Thank you for the example that Jesus gave us in how to have real integrity. Amen.

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