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He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21

We learn a serious lesson in the beginning of our recovery journey. We begin to learn how to laugh. At first, laughter might seem foreign to some of us. We’Ve spent so many years feeling hopelessness and despair that we’ve forgotten how to laugh. Laughter is serious business. Most of us have either forgotten how to laugh or we never learned in the first place. It’s important in recovery that we learn to relax and laugh at ourselves.

God gave us this amazing life to revel in and enjoy. We learn in recovery to not take ourselves so seriously. We begin to see the comedy and absurdity in ourselves. God created us in His image and God is the most joy-filled being in the universe. God has designed us with the ability to laugh. None of his other creations have this ability. He created us to laugh. We were created to laugh.

Laughter releases chemicals in our brains that help to create a sense of well-being. We use to live in a vicious cycle without laughter. We couldn’t laugh because we struggled with depression. Then, we struggled with depression, which kept us from laughing. In recovery, we learn to take time, be with friends who are good at making people laugh, and enjoy the time together God has given us. Laughter is healing and essential for our soul. We each need to laugh out loud, like we did when we were children.

Written by Jackell.

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Today’s Prayer

Father God, I want to enjoy the life You have given me. Help me to be free to laugh out loud and to not take myself so seriously. You gave us the gift of laughter and we get to enjoy your precious gift. Thank you for loving us enough to give us laughter. Amen.

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