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And Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And they cast lots to divide his garments.
Luke 23:34

Many of us coming into recovery had the idea that if we just could stop doing what it was that drove us into the doors of recovery, our lives would be fine. After being in recovery for a little while, we realized that the problems that brought us into the rooms of recovery were not the root cause of our pain. Recovery provides a way for us to go beneath the surface and see what’s really going on. There are layers of stuff we have to drill down into in order to get to the issues that are fueling our compulsive, self-destructive behaviors.

Without Christ, it’s like digging down through the layers with a small spoon. Christ, on the other hand, is using a bulldozer to dig down deep to get to the root of our pain. With every scoop of dirt being brought up in Christ’s huge bucket, we get closer to the real causes of our problems. Before Christ and the tools He gives us in recovery, all we had to try to dig down was our small spoon.

Each day Christ is digging deeper and drilling down farther. Christ is allowing us to see all the layers covering up our hurts. These layers have been built up over years through denial and inaction. In recovery, we are called out of denial and inaction. Christ is the great excavator of our pain. He digs down deep and through every layer to get to where our real issues are. He then shines His bright light on everything that’s been hidden and restores what’s been broken.

Written by Jackell.

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Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, You dig through all the layers of hurt, shame, and pain to get to the root of everything. All the layers are peeled back to reveal what is hidden. There is truth in what is being found. That truth is that You love us and have always been there, close by. Reveal in me all the dark places that have been buried beneath everything so that nothing escapes Your light and Your love. Amen.

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