As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. Romans 7:17
There is a monster living in each of us. This monster is our sin nature. We feed the monster each time we act on our compulsive behaviors, gossip, manipulate, put on a mask, or try to take control. Our monsters are ravenous. Their appetites are never quenched. Feeding our monsters causes them to devour everything we ever loved.

Stepping into the light of Christ is our monster repellant. We need to talk about our monsters and not let them hide in dark and lowly places. The stench of our monsters is nauseating to us in the presence of Christ. In Christ, we begin to separate ourselves from our monsters. We are not our monsters.

Christ-centered recovery is not about taming our monsters or about sin management. Recovery is a process. Because it’s a process, we sometimes have to look into scary places to find where our monsters are lurking. We confront our monsters boldly. They have no more power over us. It was our fear and hurt that they fed on all those years. Now our monsters are no longer monsters. They are now part of our testimony of Christ’s work in our lives.

Written by Jackell

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Father God, there was a monster living inside me. It had many names. Addiction, shame, fear, anger, people pleasing, and remorse. That monster grew to be too large for me to live with. But God, You took care of the monsters that were deep inside of me. I know there are others. And with time You will make me aware of them. Thank You for taking care of all my monsters. Amen.

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Josh Garrels -Born Again
SYMBOLISM of this video

1.the beast is our sinful nature
2. the vase is our heart containing the red flowers, a symbol of Christ’s life.
3. when he knocks it over it means he dabbled in sin and lost life.
4. he meets a girl who has the red flowers on her (Christ’s presence) as well as white clothing representing purity. He wants to lust after her but she resists and is faithful to Christ which only aggravates him.
5. the man bringing the flowers either represents his father or a missionary who brings the gospel and it only makes him angry at him
6. he can’t sleep and spends his time wandering trying to fill his empty vase, but nothing works
7. He descends down the elevator showing he is at his lowest point in life
8. when he is alone he realizes how lonely and depraved he is without God. The water dripping is God trying to reach him. Life, represented by the fowers, sprout in his mind
9. he decides to give God a chance and places the flowers (blood, the presence of Jesus) in his vase (his heart) and out of the vase come rivers of living water
10. we see that when he grabs the vase. with the flowers, it lifts him up to the surface which shows God is stronger than our sin
11. the waters symbolize the baptism and the cleansing by the Holy Spirit through faith and restores his innocent nature.
12. the sun comes out representing his enlightenment, satisfaction and a fulfillment of God.
13. He no longer wants to knock the vase over(sin) because he is wiser now and has the mind of Christ leading to righteousness.

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