Moving Forward

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

Recovery allows us the amazing opportunity to move forward and still know that the past is an important part of who we are today. We move forward but we don’t take our pasts with us. Instead, we use our pasts as testimonies of God’s glory and healing. In recovery, we learn how to move forward without looking at our pasts as something we should forget or be ashamed of. God was there with us in our most desperate moments. And now, we face our pasts with new eyes. Our pasts do not rule us and we are able to use our pasts to serve others and to glorify God.

One of the most important tasks for us to accomplish in recovery is learning how to grieve. Most of us came from dysfunctional families where we were taught to not feel anything, especially sadness. Being able to grieve the past is a huge step in moving forward. Christ, in the second beatitude, tells us that we have to fully grieve in order to move into our new lives. When we don’t grieve the death of our old selves, we are attempting to bring the corpse of our old selves with us into our new lives. When we acknowledge and mourn the loss of our past life, we are free to experience life in Christ at a much deeper level.

One of the main reasons why so many people who come into recovery have difficulty is that they have not mourned their past lives. Once we start the process of mourning our old lives, we then can transition into these new lives. Christ is changing us and giving us these wonderful new lives full of hope, joy, and purpose. There is no room for our old selves on this new journey of recovery. We grieve the loss of who we once were and now we can move forward, free of the shame and guilt of our pasts.

Written by Jackell.

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Moving Forward

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Father God, I am moving forward with You in my life. No more doing it my way. Now I will let go of control and allow you to be in total charge of my life. I let go of the past and mourn what I once was so that I can use the past to glorify you and serve others. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity to mourn and move forward. Amen.

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