No Compromise

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator–who is forever praised. Amen. Romans 1:25

Before coming into recovery there wasn’t much that we hadn’t compromised. We sold out our health, our integrity, our sanity, our families, and our finances. In recovery, we say “no more compromises.” We no longer, bit by bit, give away our joy. We stop pawning our lives, hoping that the next compromise will be our last.

Recovery is learning how to not settle for second and third-rate friendships. We no longer need to settle because we have a whole community of Believers around us who have stopped compromising. We no longer hang out with people who are empty wells. We now have growing relationships with people who are overflowing with the love and joy that can only come from Christ.

We stop compromising our integrity, our principles, and our reputations. Christ did not compromise His life for us, even on the cross. He didn’t curse the ones who beat and nailed Him to the cross. He forgave them. Christ never compromised His love for us. Now, in recovery, we stand firm in our convictions and stop settling for crumbs when we have a whole banquet table set for us.

Written by Jackell.


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No Compromise

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Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, Help me to never compromise what I know to be true and real for things that have no substance and are temporary. There can be no compromise on what is eternal. I will focus on you and not on the things of this world. Amen.




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