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I am the door; by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and go out, and shall find pasture.
John 10:9 ASV

Christ-centered recovery is very unique. When we walk through the door of a jail cell, we are held captive by those ruling over us. When we are confined by addictions, we become trapped by our own thoughts and behaviors, as well as our substances of choice. Jesus is different from most other 12-step programs, in that He is an open door in our lives. He is that boundary between what was and the promises of our new lives. The open door of Christ does not restrain us, nor does it keep us locked within our own fences. This amazing door that is Christ Himself allows us to travel through it in both directions. As we experience God’s mercy and lessons, we are changed for eternity because we have experienced the liberty of our Redeemer. We no longer live in a dungeon.

In recovery, we are free to walk through the open door of grace, growth, and freedom. We are led out of our captivity by this forgiveness, progression, and salvation. We find pasture inside and outside our meetings. However, we don’t become solely dependent upon our groups to be spiritually fed. This is what is unique about Christ-centered programs. We also receive support from our churches, recovery friends, and sometimes the world, as we walk through this door that is our Savior.

We are a free people who are able to pass through this entrance into redemption. Christ does not hold us prisoner behind a once locked door but allows us to experience life to the full by removing the locks. He is not just the key to our recovery; He is the entire door!

Written by Jackell


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 Today’s Prayer

Father God, Thank You for making a door that opens both ways and offers only freedom and never confinement.  Amen.



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