Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Matthew 5:3

God uses broken people…. Exclusively.

God uses broken people because that’s all there is.

In the first Beatitude Christ tells us that understanding we are broken will bring us a state of blessedness. And he doesn’t stop there. Christ also promises an inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. In order to gain Heaven we have to lose the idea that we can do life on our own terms.

This first Beatitude is actually an invitation. Christ invites us to join Him on this amazing journey. The price we pay is something we don’t actually have. We have to give up self sufficiency. Giving up self sufficiency is extremely difficult for many of us. We have become compulsively self sufficient. In order to get to that state of being poor in spirit, broken we have to go through detox from self sufficiency.

In the first beatitude Christ is telling us “If you aren’t broken, I can’t use you”.¬† The road to recovery begins with humility. In order to survive this trip we are now on, we have to come to an understanding we are beautifully broken. Knowing we are broken changes everything.

Written by James Miller

Heavenly Father, I give up all my delusions of self sufficiency. I hand over all control of my life to you. I leave the lies of having to be strong and in charge behind. Watch over me as I walk with you along this first part of the recovery journey. Amen.

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