Pure In Heart
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8
How do we become pure in heart? In Christ-centered recovery, we have found a wonderful tool that moves us into being pure in heart. This tool is called an inventory or Step 4 of the 12 steps. Doing an inventory of our lives is a great way to clean out all the junk that’s been stored up in our hearts.

Something happens when a person goes through the process of heart purification. It’s as if they step over some invisible line. People who take the time to do a formal, written inventory see a phenomenal amount of growth and change in their lives.

A psychiatrist working in the field of addiction once said, “if people would take the time to inventory their lives, there would never be a need for psychiatrists. I would be out of a job.” This is a very powerful statement on such a simple tool. God wants to clean out our hearts. God wants to make us pure. The miracles of recovery happen when we are obedient to Christ and go through this simple process of becoming pure in heart.

Written by James Miller

Living Transparently
Father God, Make in me a clean heart. Take away everything that stands between me and You. Clean out the crevices of my heart so that You may reside fully in my heart. My prayer is to have You always in my heart. Amen.

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