Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11
Many of us who have addictive or compulsive personalities don’t get rid of those personalities after we enter into recovery. We stop drinking alcohol, using other drugs, gambling, looking at pornography, compulsive shopping, and other self-destructive habits. Our personality, how God created us, stays the same. The difference is that instead of pursuing the things that would destroy us, we now pursue Christ with the same energy and compassion we once used to pursue our fix.

Christ pursues us, and we also pursue Him. with the same drive that almost killed us. God does not take away that part of us that’s compulsive. Instead, He puts in us a new drive for Him. God designed us to pursue and compulsively seek Him. But our brokenness and the evil of this world, get us off our Godley paths and our desires for God become addictions. To use the gift of desire that God gave us for anything other than Him leads us straight to death and destruction.

We are blessed with the gift of compulsivity. We no longer try to not be who we are. We are the ones God loved so much that He designed us to pursue Him, like someone who struggles with addiction pursues drugs, with the pangs of withdrawal. There are blessings in the pursuit of God, and in knowing that we are wonderfully made.

Written by Jackell

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Father God, Thank You for designing me with a compulsion for you. Help me to keep the gift of compulsion focused only on You. I want to pursue You with all my heart. The energy I once put into filling that God-shaped hole in my heart with things of this world, I want to only fill with You. Amen.

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