Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand. Colossians 3:1

We have been raised up from the dead and now reside among the living. We were dead emotionally and spiritually. We survived from day to day outside of a life that held very little purpose or meaning. We were vessels craving to be filled with anything that might help us get rid of the feeling of emptiness, if only for a moment.

Praise Christ Jesus who raised us from the dead. Christ called us out of our tombs, and like Lazarus, He commanded those who were in our recovery meetings to take off our buried shrouds. When someone enters a room of recovery, it is now our responsibility to take off their burial shrouds. Everyone who comes into recovery, and decides to stay, is a new Lazarus.

We have been raised from the dead and now have new life. We are no longer among the dead. Our recovery groups are where we celebrate our new life in Christ. The tomb is empty and death has lost its sting. This new life of recovery is exciting and full of amazing promise. We now shine like a bright light on a hill, a beacon of hope for a world needing to be raised from the dead.

Written by Jackell


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Today’s Prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for raising me from the dead. Thank You for a recovery community to help unwrap my funeral shroud. I am alive in You and now I’m forever changed. Help me to use this life to glorify You and bring life into a dead and dying world. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

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