Rescue Plan

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,
Colossians 1:13

From the moment of the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden, God had a plan for rescue. God loved us so much he refused to let us be lost forever. The old testament tells us how the rescue plan was going to unfold. Everything pointed to the Son of God coming to Earth to save humanity from an eternity separated from God. Jesus was the rescue plan. We have been saved from an eternity without God and, more than that, we have been saved from ourselves.

We are in a battle. This battle is not just with the enemy. This battle is also with our own flesh and with this world. We are surrounded by enemies all around us. Here’s the great news, the Army of God is surrounding our enemies. We are not in this battle alone. God always has a rescue plan. In fact, Christ gave us the ultimate rescue plan when He died on the cross. Our relationship with the Father was restored and we were freed from the law of sin and death and placed under Grace. God’s perfect rescue plan is now in place for us and for anyone who believes in His Son.

God’s amazing rescue plan also involved something else. God gave us a way to heal and live life to the full. Christ spoke the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 to tell us how to live in this new life as Christians. Two thousand years later we experience hope and healing from 8 simple truths that Christ gave us in the Beatitudes. And from these truths have come the 12 steps for Christ-Centered Recovery. We have been rescued and now we journey down the path Christ laid out for us in the Beatitudes.

Written by Jackell

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Rescue Plan

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Heavenly Father, thank You for rescuing us from the dominion of darkness. Your great rescue plan has secured the salvation of countless souls who would have been lost had you not loved us and given us a way to come back into relationship with You. Thank You for giving us a step by step guide to live as Christians and the means to recovery from all the hurts of this world. Amen.

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