But God will rescue me; he will save me from the power of death. Psalm 49:15

God is in the business of resurrection. In our recovery meetings, we see resurrection going on all the time. No matter how long a person has been in recovery, all of us are being renewed and resurrected. One of the greatest blessings we can receive is to see a person walk through the doors of recovery and come back to life.

Resurrection is what recovery is all about. Every day people who have been walking in death due to addiction, shame, loss, and hopelessness are coming back to life. How blessed we are to witness the multitudes of people who are rising from their lifeless graves.

We too have been resurrected. We know what it’s like to walk in darkness. Now we experience freedom from death and darkness. Each day is new and we experience the feel of warm sunshine as we journey on the path of recovery. The longer we’re in recovery, the more we experience parts of ourselves waking up from the dead. In this way, we are being renewed daily and resurrection for us is experienced throughout our recoveries.

Written by Jackell.

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Father God, You are the God of resurrection. You make all things new. Thank You for Your Son Jesus who died on the cross so that we could be resurrected with Him. Thank You for bringing new life into our recoveries. My life is Yours and I want to live in Your will forever. Amen.

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