He reveals mysteries from the darkness And brings the deep darkness into light. Job 12:22

For most of us in recovery, fear gripped us for years. There were secrets we kept hidden in dark corners. We thought if only we could bury our secrets deep enough to not get exposed, they would eventually disappear. Those secrets never disappeared. They stayed hidden in darkness until we entered recovery and learned there was no longer any reason to keep them hidden. Our secrets no longer held us prisoner in darkness with them.

Through recovery, God reveals why we do the things we do, and why we did what we did in the past. God is showing us why we seek out relationships that are not healthy for us. We find out that fear has driven most of our past decisions and how those decisions were based on untruths, lies told to us by the enemy. God reveals how anger affects our behavior, even the anger that is below the surface. The kind that we are so used to feeling it appears normal to us. We realize that we were blind to our people pleasing and passive-aggressive behavior.

God is also showing us truths about our future. We now have the tools to cope with any problems that come up without resorting to old self-destructive behaviors. We discover that we have talents we never thought we possessed. God is revealing His wonderful plan for our lives. We have the revelation of a past where God was always present. This revelation also confirms that He is growing us today, and we believe in a future that is full of promise, purpose, and meaning. God continues to reveal His love and grace each day in recovery. Every day more is being revealed to us.

Written by Jackell.


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Today’s Prayer

Father God, thank You for revealing that You were always with me in my darkest moments. Thank you for bringing me out of the darkness and into the full light of day so that You could reveal Your glory. Thank You for revealing Your plan for my life and showing me that You will always be with me on this amazing journey. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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