The School of Hard Knocks

When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus. But since they could see the man who had been healed standing there with them, there was nothing they could say. Acts 3: 13-14

Imagine the looks of confusion and disbelief on the faces of the high priest and his entourage as two weathered uneducated fishermen stood before them explaining with eloquence and power the healing that had just taken place. It was almost absurd. For weren’t they the learned ones, the scholars, the leaders with great intellect? Yet before them stood a a miracle of healing in the flesh.¬† Peter and John had a different kind of schooling. The school of hard knocks. They had surrendered all that they had and spent over three years homeless, wandering, following and learning life’s lessons. They had been with Jesus!

The proof is in the pudding. Seeing others with long-term, contented, successful recovery gives us the strength and encouragement to believe in the process of the twelve steps. So often we have tried to find healing from our hurts, habits and hang-ups through doctors, psychiatrist, therapist and counselors alone. We become convinced that only someone highly educated and trained will be able to grant us healing. These highly trained, sympathetic men and women do a great deal of good in helping us see the truth about ourselves and often directing us down the road to healing.

It is essential that we see ordinary, everyday examples of people who have overcome and recovered from the same problems that we deal with. In fact, it is essential that we surround ourselves with people in recovery if we expect to recover. When we see those in whom the problem has been solved, there’s nothing left to do but embrace the spiritual practices that have brought successful recovery. God uses the uneducated and the untrained to lead us, to humble us and to show us His wisdom. He uses the people who have been with Jesus.

Proverbs 11: 2 When pride comes, shame follows. But wisdom comes to those who are not proud.

Written by James Miller

Dear Jesus, I want to know you and the healing you bring, grant me the humility to seek out and listen to those who have walked with you.

Disciple 13. Friends of Celebrate Recovery from California.

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