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Step Forward

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But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1 Corinthians 1:27

Christianity is not a leap of faith. Christianity is a logical step forward. Before becoming Believers, many of us questioned the logic of God sending His Son to Earth to live among us, die for our sins, and then rise from the dead. Christianity, if viewed from outside and from a distance, can seem confusing by the standards of this world. But, Christ is not of this world. Christ transcends our understanding and this world’s logic.

When we come to Christ, we begin to learn more about Him. It’s similar to when we are just beginning a new relationship. We want to know everything about the other person. In order to find out what Christ is about and why He came to live among us, we need to study the Old Testament. The more we study the Old Testament, the more we see how everything from Genesis to Malachi points towards the coming Messiah. We discover Christ in every book of the Old Testament. How then are we unable to see our lack of courage in faith and, instead, boldly take a logical step forward?

Christ works the same way in recovery. Many of our testimonies state that we never thought we would end up in recovery. But now we can’t imagine life without Christ-centered recovery. It took a lot of pain and struggle for us to get to the point of walking through the doors of recovery. The Holy Spirit first brought us through the doors and Christ kept us coming back. And now we see that recovery is also the next logical step forward.

Written by Jackell.


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┬áToday’s Prayer

Father God, Be with me as I step forward in faith and in the fact that this step forward with Christ in my life is the only step forward that makes sense. I walk this Journey with Christ knowing that He is the one real thing in this life. Each step forward brings me closer to Christ and away from my selfish desires. Amen.

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