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There is victory in surrender. When we surrender our lives and wills over to the care of God, we actually gain power in our lives. When we attempt to live our lives through our own power, we are limited. Surrendering everything to God enables His power to flow through us. Only when we give up control, and let God be in charge, do we see real power at work.

Surrender is one of the many ironies of Christian recovery. We surrender to win. We can’t win the battles that are raging all around us until we let go and surrender our desires to be in control. Life is set up for us to have to go to God and surrender to Him. These battles we face are too big for us to fight on our own. We need God to be the Lord of our lives, and that means we surrender our wills to Him daily.

Surrendering to Christ is one of the most beautiful things we do each day in recovery. It comes before anything else we do because a life lived without surrendering to Christ, is a life void of purpose and meaning. We received life when we surrender life; we receive purpose when we surrender will. Each day we surrender to Christ is a day we experience victory.

Written by Jackell.

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Today’s Prayer

Father God, I surrender all to You. Lead me in Your will and in Your plan. Amen

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