The Door

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. – Psalm 32:8

Many of us struggle with the fear of failure. A new opportunity for growth initiates an internal dialog.  If we listen to this self-defeating conversation in our head, we can convince ourselves that we will inevitably fail. Even though the opportunity for growth is exactly what we’ve been looking for,

This negative internal dialog can be paralyzing for our growth.  The tapes in our  head tell us to stay put, don’t do anything different from the crowd. We get stuck in mediocrity. This comfort zone is actually our “death zone.” It’s the place where dreams go to die and blessings that could have been are returned to the Sender.

When growth opportunities arise, we no longer believe those old self defeating thoughts. It’s like a door that stands before us. The door is open for us and on the other side is something new and amazing, but we have to step through the door and leave our old self destructive thinking behind. When we step through the doorway, we realize just how many times in our past we traded our potential for comfort.

God wants us to step through that doorway. He’s waiting on the other side. Gently, softly, He is calling us to Him. God has blessings in store for us, wrapped in the paper of challenging opportunities. All we need do is choose to stop the tape, walk through the doorway and into His loving assurance.

Written by James Miller

Heavenly Father, I am stepping through your doorway in faith. I know that there are great and wonderful things waiting in the next room. I will not trade my potential for comfort. Thank you for being the One who ultimately comforts so that I can use my potential to glorify you. Amen.

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