The Myth of Scarcity

Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich. 2 Corentians 8:9

Scarcity is a myth. But many of us live our lives as though the myth was real. We say to ourselves “I better get mine before someone else does.” We are so fearful that love, grace, mercy and joy are finite. We live our lives out of greed, competition and jealousy. We want the blessings someone else has received. So much so that we don’t see how God is blessing us.

God’s love is limitless. There is nothing else that compares to His unlimited Joy. God is the most joyful being in existence. And in Him there is no scarcity. In God we have full abundance in all that we will ever need. In Him, we are rich beyond our wildest imaginations.

Today I put away the false belief that there is only so much of what God has to offer and that I have to get mine before someone else does. Today I will live my life out of abundance and know that everything I need, God has already made it available to me.

Father God, your love is unending. You are the supplier of everything good and wonderful. Thank you for making me rich beyond my wildest imagination. Help me to see that there is no scarcity. And with your over abundance, make me a reservoir for your flow of grace and peace. I pray all this in your Son’s name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

This is a wonderful video song from our friend Whitlee Casey. We hope you enjoy.

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