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Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

We have the most powerful tool there is in all of creation. This tool is prayer. When we pray, the Lord of all creation hears us. Our loving Father listens to all our prayers. No matter what our prayer is, God hears it. God knows what we need, even before we tell Him in prayer what we need. We pray, not so that God can understand what we need, but to show Him how much we trust Him with our innermost desires.

God is not a magic genie that we can summon to fulfill all our wishes. In prayer, we ask for His will to be done and not ours, even though we may come to Him with things we think we want or need. God gives us everything in accordance with His will for us. We are here for His pleasure and service, not the other way around. When we pray, our prayers are always heard.

When we are on our knees in prayer, we are reaching higher than we could ever stand. Prayer is essential to our recoveries. Without prayer, there can be no recovery. Someone prayed for each of us before we entered recovery. That prayer was heard by God, and mountains were moved in order to secure our place in the rooms of recovery. With prayer, we touch the Divine. We are connected to the power that changes hearts and brings life to the dead.

Written by Jackell.

Today’s Prayer

Father God, being in communication with you is the most powerful thing I can ever do. Being in Your presence is when I experience healing and love. Let my entire life be a prayer to you. Fill me with Your strength and power to accomplish Your will. It is in Jesus name that I pray. Amen. 












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