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And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
Things are going to happen in this life that none of us will understand on this Earth. We won’t find out reasons for these things until we meet with Christ. It won’t be until the veil is lifted that we’ll be able to see everything the way Christ does. There are going to be difficulties, especially as we work towards recovery from past hurts and deeply personal issues. Restoration is a messy business.

Not everything is going to be neat and tidy. Sometimes, we have an expectation that the Creator of the Universe is going to hand us this pretty, gift-wrapped package and our lives, along with our recoveries, will then make perfect sense. There are just going to be things that our finite brains won’t be able to understand, but we have faith that God has a reason and a plan for everything that has occurred in our lives. He will use all of it for His Glory.

In recovery, we stop saying to God “Why did you allow this to happen to me?” We learn to say to God “What can I learn from what You have given me in this situation? What is Your Will in this situation?” God is giving us opportunities for growth and to live our faith out loud. Instead of taking on a victim mentality when difficulties come our way, we start to see God giving us ways to grow and to become closer to Him. We may not ever know the reason for our struggles, but we can have assurance in God’s great love for us and His desire to draw us ever closer to Him.

Written by Jackell

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Today’s Prayer
Jesus, You are the reason for everything good that is happening in my life. I may never know, in this life, why things happened the way they did. But Your mercy and grace moved me into a life with You and away from a life of hopelessness and darkness. You are the reason for hope and love. Your Will be done, always. Amen.

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