“He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.” – Psalm 1:3

We tell if something is alive by looking at its growth. When there is no growth, it usually means there is not much life. We were created by God for something much more than growth. God designed us to thrive. We are the seeds tossed out among the weeds growing in the rocky soil, and thriving wherever we land. No matter how infertile the soil is, we are designed to grow in any situation.

We are the seeds tossed out by Jesus. The weeds are the unbelievers we are tossed near. The rocky soil signifies this barren world in which we are planted. Jesus did not want us to be detached from the weeds and rocky soil of this world. However, we are not weeds; we are sustained by something much more life-giving than rocky soil. Jesus calls for us to be right in the middle of everything. We are nurtured by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God built us to thrive and not just grow. We have the perfect fertilizer in His Son, Jesus Christ. Our recovery groups are where we are planted. People come into recovery as weeds, discarded by the rest of society as worthless. They soon start to transform into something completely different. God has taken weeds and made beautifully thriving flowers. In recovery, we grow from lifedraining weeds to life-affirming fowers. In time, we all spread more seeds among the weeds and rocky soil.

Written by Jackell.


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Today’s Prayer

Father God, you set me in rocky soil and among the weeds of this world and with you I still thrive. You sustain me in every situation and in every place. Help me to spread seeds of hope and grace where you set me. Let me be an example of Your love and grace in a land that is infertile and barren. It’s in Your Son’s name I pray. Amen.

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