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To Be Merciful

Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.

Matthew 5:7

Looking at Matthew 5:7 we could make the mistake of thinking that we show mercy in order to have mercy. In some ways this is correct, but it tends to be a simplistic view of giving and accepting mercy. Christ doesn’t want us to show mercy out of a selfish desire to then receive mercy. Christ is saying that forgiving is a result of living our lives with a viewpoint of being merciful. When we give mercy, it naturally flows back to us.

Living our lives from a perspective of being merciful is the result of Christ inhabiting our hearts. Being forgiving allows us to live at peace with everyone and understand that everyone is broken. Mercy allows us to recognize that everyone is going through their own struggles. When we live a mercy-based life, we see others through the lens of Christ-centered vision.

Mercy is a way of being, not something we do every now and then because we want to look good to Jesus. Recovery is a way of living that is centered around Christ and the need for forgiveness. Without mercy, there can be no recovery. The mercy we give to others is what determines where, and how far, we travel on our recovery journeys. Living a merciful life is how we glorify God and demonstrate to the world that Christ is our Lord.

Written by Jackell.

Today’s Prayer

Father God, Your word says we are given mercy when we are merciful. Mercy is not something we are every now and then. Mercy is a state of being. Mercy is a part of who we are, not how we act. Thank You for showing us mercy in Your Son Jesus. May we be merciful and not just behave mercifully. We pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.

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