Waiting Expectantly

Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Psalm 37:7

“When man listens, God speaks. When man obeys, God acts.” Dr. (Frank Buchman Oxford Group, Founder)

In recovery, we set aside time each day to meditate on God’s word and listen to what God is telling us. This is a suggestion of a simple, yet biblical, way of meditation and waiting expectantly for God to speak:

Assign a time each day, first thing in the morning, to spend time with God.
Get quiet, remove all distractions, relax and be expectantly patient.
Read Scripture and devotionals.
Pray to God: Confession, petition, thanksgiving, and intercession.
Write down your thoughts.
Be sure to test every thought to know that it’s true guidance from God. Just because it’s in our heads does not make it real.
Be obedient to the guidance you receive.

The more we spend time with God in reading His word and in quiet listening, the better we become at hearing His guidance in our lives. isaiah 50:4-9 (MSG) says this about listening to God:

The Master, God, has given me
a well-taught tongue,
So I know how to encourage tired people.
He wakes me up in the morning,
Wakes me up, opens my ears
to listen as one ready to take orders.
The Master, God, opened my ears,
and I didn’t go back to sleep,
didn’t pull the covers back over my head.
I followed orders…

We spend time with God each morning in quiet expectation of His voice. Then, in obedience and love, we give ourselves over to the Will of God. When we pray and meditate in this way, we begin to see ourselves change and grow in ways we could have never imagined.

Written by James Miller


Father God, I wait in expectation of Your voice. I will accept Your gentle guidance and be obedient to Your perfect will. Help me to hear You in quiet moments and in the noise and confusion of life. Your will be done always. I pray all this in Your Son’s name, Jesus.

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