We Are What We Eat

Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy: It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth. – Matthew 4:4 MSG

When all is said and done nothing else really meets our needs, gives us direction and makes us content like a steady diet of God’s word. It is what makes “Recovery” a “Celebration.” Jesus promised to give this to us when we listen to and follow Him. Do you ever feel like God just doesn’t speak to you? Does it seem that you are totally on your own to struggle by yourself? Do you ever feel emotionally, mentally or spiritually weak?

Most of us have seen the logo, “WWJD.” (What Would Jesus Do?) That is always a relevant question. The answer to that question is needful and available. There is power in the words that are in the bible. Imagine the very breath of God audibly talking to YOU, literally speaking into YOUR ear.

Try this exercise:

– if you can, find a quiet place
– pray and ask God to speak to you
– look up the book of John, chapter 1, verse one in the New Testament
– now, read until you sense Him showing you something
– when you reach a verse that really speaks to you stop
– pray and thank God for showing it to you and ask Him to help you make that verse a part of your life
– repeat this daily

When we ask Him, He reveals something special just for US.
I forget sometimes that when I do not take the time to read His word and pray then the motions of life become more mechanical than enjoyable and fulfilling.
I lose purpose and feel empty. The bread of life I enjoyed yesterday only met yesterday’s needs. Today I need more to meet today’s challenges.


Written by Randy Maxey

God forgive me for not being faithful to draw close to you and read your word. I miss you and I know you miss me.

Hosanna Poetry – Speak Lord

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