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“When you knock on a door, be courteous in your greeting. If they welcome you, be gentle in your conversation. If they don’t welcome you, quietly withdraw. Don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and be on your way.

Matthew 10:12-14

It’s extremely important for our recovery journeys to consider who we let into our lives. Not everyone has good intentions for being our friends. We must remember that everyone is broken, and some people are not healthy for us. This does not mean they never will be in a place where we can’t be close to them. It simply means that we need to be cautious about who we allow in our lives.

Caring and loving others still means we must set boundaries for ourselves. One of the boundaries that many in recovery have set for themselves is to not accept unacceptable behavior. We can have friends who might still have some rough edges, but we need to let them know what is and what is not permissible for us. We set our boundaries with people, and this tells us who is and isn’t healthy for us.

We need to allow Christ into our lives every day. Asking Christ to send healthy, growing Believers into our lives to share our journeys is vital. There are times when it’s difficult to discern who is good for us from those who are very good at deception. God wants us to have deep, meaningful relationships with one another. We pray for guidance and discernment in all our relationships, along the way gathering people around us who are real and growing in their relationships with Christ.

Written by Jackell.

Today’s Prayer

Heavenly Father, we ask you to send us people who are going to encourage, challenge and help us grow. Help us to see when people have ulterior motives and want to do us harm. Guide us and protect us as we search out others who are genuine and authentic in their recovery walk with Christ. Amen.

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